CardPlanet Solutions


Cardplanet Solutions Limited is an IT Company located in Nairobi Kenya and was founded in 2011. Cardplanet Solutions is in the business of developing and marketing proprietary personal information solutions. The company leverages on smart cards and related technologies integrated to the internet and hence creating robust “chip-to-cloud” solutions for an array of environments. Our main focus areas are Health, Identity, Payments and Loyalty. Our solutions increase efficiency, convenience, security and save costs.

To be a leader in enabling organizations and individuals achieve efficiency through information technology in Africa and beyond.

To develop state-of-the art solutions suitable for our market using card, mobile and web technology.

Our Core Values are Integrity, Innovation and Timeliness.

In a world that is rapidly changing, technology will keep playing a crucial role in our lives. Harnessing technology helps organizations and individuals save costs and increase efficiency. As mobile phones become more powerful we help bring the world at your finger tips through mobile applications. We enable organizations harness the power of the internet through fast and secure web-based solutions. We also envisage to eliminate the need for cash through our cashless payments solutions through smart cards and mobile money. Our Core Technology:

Contact and Contactless Smart Cards – Chip and PIN and Near Field Communication
Mobile Money
Mobile Applications – Android, Windows and IOS
Cloud Based Applications
Our Solutions provide information security, efficiency and convenience at low costs. These solutions address three primary areas of data security:
Protection - System authorizes only users who can be positively identified.
Privacy - Only specific information is made available to users.
Flexibility - Our solutions are developed to operate over any mix of network and system infrastructures, enabling easy integration while maintaining same level of security.