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Instaid e-voucher platform enables individuals and organizations to send food and medical aid instantly via mobile phone technology. The need to send conditional monetary aid has been faced by many individuals and aid organizations. Individuals need to send help to their friends and relatives, they however want to be sure that the monetary aid sent is used only for the intended purpose which in most cases is food and medicine.
Aid organizations on the other hand are shifting to the Output Based Aid model through the use of vouchers. Although some of these organizations make use of paper vouchers, e-vouchers offer unparalleled advantage which is not just limited to increased efficiency , increased impact and reduced costs. Instaid platform also provides organizations with the analytics to show the reach of the aid in question.
The platform is easy to use. Our customers include Penda Health and Medicare Access Limited.


Step 1
Step 2
Send Voucher
Step 3
Redeem Voucher
Step 4
Balance Check
The subscriber register’s to Instaid using as specific USSD code on any type of phone Subcriber sends voucher using USSD to the intended beneficiary. Organizations use Instaid Web-based Platform to send vouchers to multiple beneficiaries The beneficiaries redeem the voucher for food or medicine at selected service providers who accept the Instaid vouchers The subscriber can check the Voucher balance

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Increased Voucher Security Increased Impact Low Cost Distribution Increased Tracking Analysis