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Cardplanet Solutions Ltd is an IT enterprise based in Nairobi, Kenya. We develop custom solutions for organizations revolving around mobile money and cashless payments. Our client base includes businesses, profit and non-profit organizations within Africa and beyond.

CardPlanet Solutions has recently developed InstAid. InstAid is a secure platform for organizations to instantly create, manage and distribute medical and nutritional e-vouchers via mobile phone technology. InstAid runs on any mobile phone ranging from a low end basic phone to a high end smart phone.

PesaCard Solution
Pesacard which simply means “money-card” is an electronic wallet linked to mobile money. Pesacard a financial empowerment tool for children and youth. The product is targeted to in- school youth who receive regular cash transfers from parents or other care givers.

CampoCard Solution
CampoCard is the official identification and access card for students, faculty and staff at the Universities and Colleges. It is a prepaid, stored-value account and is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your purchases on and off campus. Money can be deposited into the Card in a number of easy ways, including the agents in the campuses, Banks or by Mobile Money e.g M-PESA..

Fuel and Loyalty Programs
It is a unique rewards program that lets you earn points and get discounts for the things you do daily like refueling, traveling, shopping, eating out, watching movies, flying etc... Customers will accumulate shower credits and points for purchasing fuel and other products that are redeemable for in-store merchandise and restaurants.